Mompreneur with Rachel Neill, creator of Figgy

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#59: How You Can Become a Mompreneur

with Rachel Neill


Did you know that 4 of every 10 new businesses are owned by women? What is it about parenting that equips moms to be amazing entrepreneurs? 

In this episode Rachel Neill, a mother of six, answers this question. She’s created several businesses, most recently Figgy, which features a multi-use play couch that provides a versatile and engaging way for children to learn, play, and build amazing forts! You’ll learn how she and her friend Chris developed the idea and successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for it. We discuss the importance of moms as entrepreneurs and how they’re naturally inclined to see a problem, create a solution and make it work – which is exactly what entrepreneurs do. Figgy provides open-ended play that doesn’t limit children, allowing them to be creative and active from the baby stage up through a college-aged kid who wants extra seating in their dorm.

Tune in now to learn more about Figgy and the power of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

In the 2023 season of Parenting in the First 3 Years, we’ll be bringing on parents just like you to share the story of their personal journey. Would you like to apply to be considered as a guest? Let’s talk about it! Simply email Ann McKitrick at

Topics discussed:
  • How Rachel started Figgy during the pandemic to keep her children off screens
  • The development process of Figgy and its features
  • The success of Figgy’s Kickstarter campaign
  • The multi-use benefits of Figgy for children from infancy to college-aged
  • The importance of moms as entrepreneurs and their natural problem-solving abilities
  • The challenges of being a mom and a career person, and how Kickstarter can make it easier to pursue entrepreneurship
About our guest

Rachel Neill is a serial entrepreneur (Carex Consulting Group, Figgy, and Talent Bandit) passionate about the startup space, scaling companies, raising capital, and women in tech.

Rachel’s background includes extensive experience in and national recognition for building exceptional teams, facilitating fundraising, and scaling companies. 

In 2017, determined to reinvent the staffing process and create better alignment between top-tier companies and best-in-class talent, Rachel left her comfortable gig and a regular paycheck to launch Carex Consulting Group, a career matchmaking firm. Prior to founding Carex, she worked as an executive at Nordic Consulting and helped to build it into one of the largest nationwide Epic consulting firms. 

In 2021 Rachel co-founded Figgy Play and launched the Figgy play couch into an eCommerce business. The idea came to her during the pandemic as  she found herself struggling to entertain her five children while working from home.

Talent acquisition and company culture is Rachel’s jam, and she’s proud to be an entrepreneur, a connector, a working mom of six, and a dog lover. She’s also never met a Peloton run she didn’t like.


Rachel Neill

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