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We’re here to help parents of infants, babies, and toddlers navigate this crazy world of parenting. So whether you’re expecting your first baby or you’re slogging through your days juggling a handful of tots, we’re here for you, and our free resource guides will provide help. Enter your information* and you’ll instantly be redirected.

for Expectant or Trying Families…

6 Secrets Nobody Tells You Before You Have a Baby

We asked 50 new moms what they wished they’d known before they had their baby, and these were the most common answers! Perfect for families expecting or trying to conceive.

What Every Dad Needs to Know Course

What Every Father Needs to Know

When you’re a first time dad, there is so many new experiences you’ll be unfamilliar with. How can you best support mom? What do you need to do to be prepared for baby’s arrival? Being a father is a role that only you can fill. Our free mini-course has everything you need to prepare!

for New Parents…

20 Ways to Play With Your Baby & Toddler

This free guide will give you ideas for playing with your child, from birth through 3 years, using ordinary household items!

20 ways to play with your baby and toddler

20 Ways to Power Your Parenting & Reclaim Yourself

Are you ready to be back in touch with that tiny seed of YOU that’s been buried too long? This free guide will help you determine what YOU want, for YOU. Time to dream big!

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There’s a transition that takes place when you become a parent. It looks different for everyone and it’s a transition that repeats itself in every stage of parenting from before having a baby to empty nest and grandparenting. Because parents change as much as their growing child.

We help you understand what makes your child tick – and how you can create an environment where optimum develop occurs.

We spotlight the importance of respecting the essence of your baby’s “person” ~ separate and apart even while being fully dependent on you. And how to navigate their ever increasing desire for autonomy and independence in the first years. Which means learning to trust both your baby and yourself.

We address the unspoken “I should know this but I don’t” of new parenthood, giving you practical, actionable steps to take in each episode.