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birth school online on-demand birthing class

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Birth School

Course for Expecting Parents

For expectant parents who want to go from feeling “excited but kinda clueless” to “totally confident we can do this” with a birth plan for delivery & recovery.

Investment: $97

Quick Start Guide for Newborns

Course for Expecting Parents

Be TOTALLY prepared to get through the first 2 weeks post-delivery. This course teaches you everything you need to know – how to swaddle, soothe, bathe, dress, change a diaper, feed, burp plus more.

Investment: $47

I loved how the course was made of short little videos. It was really quick and easy. If someone’s looking for something specific, they can go right to it and it’s a 3-10 minute long video. I really liked the birth plan discussion and PDFs, and the section talking about preparing for birth and after birth with your partner. I keep telling my husband we need to set some time aside to sit down and go through all this!

Mélodie Cloutier

My biggest “aha” moment was the whole section on breastfeeding with the lactation consultant. We didn’t know any of that! Learning about that whole process was really crazy. My favorite part was the cooking lessons with Sheelah. Her personality is great and it was really fun.

We have friends who are excited, but none of them are having kids right now, so it’s helpful having people with wisdom in different areas give advice and lift you into that role rather than being on your own, Googling and trying to figure things out.

Haley Fleming


Conversations for Expectant Parents

Course for Expecting or Trying Parents

Even though you may have several months left before your baby arrives, there are important things that need to be taken care of now (think, child care arrangements and budgeting for the help you’ll need…). This mini-course will start the conversation, literally, and move you forward in rocking this parenting thing.

Investment: $27


The Best Kindergarten Year Ever

Course for School-Aged Parents

Starting school is a big milestone for both you and your child! In this class, you’ll learn how you can help your child begin their school journey with confidence, as well as how to acknowledge what you might be experiencing as a parent. Use code KINDER10 at checkout for 10% off.

Investment: $57

Live Programs & Certifications

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Program for Mothers

An around-the-table gathering for women of all ages. We focus on you, the person that is 100% mom AND 100% woman.

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Momentum Supper Club Certification

Program for leaders

Our certification program designed to empower women to facilitate engaging, insightful, and nurturing supper clubs in their homes.

My journey with this program has been one of gaining more clarity, though I’m still very much a work in progress. Writing down my thoughts and reflections has stretched me in new and profound ways. This experience made me deeply reflect on where God is leading me, especially in connecting with others. Helping kids find their true purpose, guiding them to connect with God, and supporting their growth has become a clear focus for me. The exercise of envisioning a perfect world was particularly impactful. Momentum’s not just a program; it’s been a pathway to deeper understanding and purpose for me.

Kristin McCalip

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Ann McKitrick

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