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Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

Exploring the strategies and soul of parenting in the early years

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

There’s a transition that takes place when you become a parent. It looks different for everyone and it’s a transition that repeats itself in every stage of parenting from before having a baby to empty nest and grandparenting. Because parents change as much as their growing child.

Knowing both your child and yourself is important in understanding the responses you have to the everyday ups and downs of becoming a family. This understanding, this nurturing of both your child and yourself, is what we explore in this podcast.

We help you understand what makes your child tick – and how you can create an environment where optimum develop occurs.

We spotlight the importance of  respecting the essence of your baby’s “person” ~ separate and apart even while being fully dependent on you. And how to navigate their ever increasing desire for autonomy and independence in the first years. Which means learning to trust both your baby and yourself.

We address the unspoken “I should know this but I don’t” of new parenthood, giving you practical, actionable steps to take in each episode.

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Definition: When a podcast not only inspires you but gives specific ways to nurture your baby’s development with specific actions you can take immediately.

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