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What Every Dad Needs to Know Course

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Embrace the reality of having a newborn. You are doing things that are new. And it’s important to be there. It’s important to connect with mom through the process. And it’s important to connect with your child in the process.

Nourish yourself so you parent from a place of health, not scarcity. Nourishing yourself includes intimate connections, spending time with a friend and doing what feeds your soul.

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Program for Mothers

An around-the-table gathering for women of all ages. We focus on you, the person that is 100% mom AND 100% woman.

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Momentum Supper Club Certification

Program for leaders

Our certification program designed to empower women to facilitate engaging, insightful, and nurturing supper clubs in their homes.

birth school online on-demand birthing class

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Birth School

Course for Expecting Parents

For expectant parents who want to go from feeling “excited but kinda clueless” to “totally confident we can do this” with a birth plan for delivery & recovery.

Meet Ann

The Founder of Nurtured Noggins

My biggest strength in the ‘mommy space’ is that I not only have 30+ years of parenting to draw on, but just as many years teaching child development and working with parents and teachers, providing quality educational programs for young children.

I didn’t set out to become a parenting expert. In fact, my first love was children. I was just seven years old when my mom opened a childcare center at our church. I spent my summer days “working” alongside her, where I discovered a new favorite activity: reading all the files! The combination of what parents said about their children and the experience of knowing them fascinated me. Back then, my thoughts around who I wanted to be when I grew up always started with becoming a mom. Between my own children, degrees in home economics, education, and human development, and the many years spent leading early childhood programs, “becoming a mom” or “becoming a parent” has taken on new meaning.

Today, I am honored to share both wisdom and science with parents. Raising children in our modern age has some unique challenges, and I want to help moms and dads expand their parenting checklist to include connection, belonging, and purpose. I want your journey as a parent to be as rich and fulfilling as your dreams of becoming one. And I want to help you give your child the gift of being known by the very people they’re wired to connect with and love.

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We all want to be known, seen, desired and accepted by those we love. So it is with our children.

They need to be known, seen, accepted and feel desired. And we fill this need by spending time with them.

We take note of what they love, we watch them dance and be silly, we accept their up and down emotions and invite them to be with us.

Children change with every developmental stage and watching them become the person they’re born to become is fun!

Hear From Parents Like You

Insightful. Attentive. Perceptive. Good listener. Calm. Gentle. Practical advice. These are words that describe our experience working with Ann as a parenting coach. Everyone in our family benefited from our time together. Years later, we still practice some of the things she opened our eyes to about our child. It was 110% worth it!

Joan Moody

Ann was an instrumental part of my development as a parent, and my children would not be the same today without her help. Not everything required of a parent came naturally to me, and Ann was there to provide perspective on how my actions and reactions, or lack thereof, shaped my children’s development and behavior.

Jarrod Burns

Birth School made it more holistic. It felt like a natural process. In my experience with friends and what you hear and see on TV, it all seems so scientific and medicine-heavy. But like the doula said, women have been doing this forever. So the idea of reducing trauma to the baby and to the mother resonated heavily with me and made me more confident in advocating for my wife and our child.

Kennely and Andrew Ott

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There’s a transition that takes place when you become a parent. It looks different for everyone and it’s a transition that repeats itself in every stage of parenting from before having a baby to empty nest and grandparenting. Because parents change as much as their growing child.

We help you understand what makes your child tick – and how you can create an environment where optimum develop occurs.

We spotlight the importance of respecting the essence of your baby’s “person” ~ separate and apart even while being fully dependent on you. And how to navigate their ever increasing desire for autonomy and independence in the first years. Which means learning to trust both your baby and yourself.

We address the unspoken “I should know this but I don’t” of new parenthood, giving you practical, actionable steps to take in each episode.

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Dive into a specific topic