Ann McKitrick

Hey there!

I’m Ann McKitrick and I’m so glad to connect with you. I’ve always been drawn to children. I love to study them as they talk, play and interact and then look to child development theory to explain their unique take on the world, why they do what they do. Helping others understand this is what makes me tick! After graduate school I worked in early childhood education for 30+ years in lots of different ways. I’ve worn the hats of infant teacher, program director, college professor, children’s pastor, teacher trainer, parent coach, conference speaker and autism consultant over the years. 

I live in Texas with my husband Kent and rascally dog, Cooper.  I enjoy traveling to new places, zipping around town on my scooter, going to visit our kids who live all over the US and sharing a meal with friends… especially on the back porch!

Mom to three awesome young adults, Mimi to 3 grandbabies, former foster parent to infants in crisis and advocate for children everywhere, I’m committed to helping you navigate the first years of parenting.

Our purpose at Nurtured Noggins is to help you to truly see, appreciate and understand your child and yourself.



“Ann has a heart for children as well as mothers and families. She has been an incredible influence on my mothering and my growth as a person. When I was a young mom, she encouraged me and helped me see little ways I could connect with my children right where they were and to slow down to enjoy it. Years have gone by and I am still drawing from the well she helped dig in my life. I never discount a child. Ann taught me to recognize the joy in knowing people of all ages for who they are not what they could or should be.”  Jennifer Allen