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#49: What New Parents Need to Know About Babies and Music


There’s just something about music and babies. New parents seem to know intuitively that it will soothe their baby and will naturally rock and sway as they hold them.

 Here’s a distinct memory from years ago that illustrates the power of music. I was holding our crying, hurting, very sleepy 2-month-old foster baby and nothing seemed to help. He was fed, burped, dry and I had tried all my best tricks but he simply couldn’t calm down. I knew he was hurting from the injuries of his physical abuse and wanted to help, but how? I starting singing Beautiful Boy by John Lennon to him because the words just seemed appropriate.

Close your eyes, have no fear, the monster’s gone, he’s on the run and your daddy’s here
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy
Before you go to sleep, say a little prayer, every day in every way, it’s getting better and better
He slowly quieted and began to relax into me as we rocked gently. As I softly sang those words over and again, he fell asleep. And guess what? It was only that magical song! Other lullabies just didn’t work with this baby.
What is it about rhythmic pats, rocking, swaying and music that helps babies relax?
Actually there’s lots more than you might be aware of. In this episode we explore the cognitive, emotional and physical benefits of moving and dancing with your baby.

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