#70 – Overcoming Common Fears of Parenting

by | Jun 15, 2023 | New parent, Parenting, Podcast

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

Overcoming common fears in parenting

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#70: Overcoming Common Fears of Parenting


In this episode of “Parenting in the First Three Years,” Ann discusses the common fears and worries parents may experience. She shares a recent personal story of feeling fear and panic and highlights how fear can impact us physiologically and emotionally. She emphasizes that fear can be helpful, as it increases self-preservation and focus, and can motivate personal growth. She also provides advice on assessing the proportionality of fears and offers tips for managing them.

In the conversation, Ann addresses specific fears mentioned by new parents and explains how fear can prompt risk assessment and precautionary measures. Ann emphasizes the importance of trusting your intuition, evaluating the impact of fears on daily life and suggests ways to address fears that may be disproportionate or overwhelming. Throughout the episode, she provides practical insights and encourages parents to explore their fears while offering support and guidance.

Topics discussed:
  • What fear can do to you
  • How it immobilizes you
  • How fear can help you
  • How to recognize if you are letting fear get a hold of you
  • The tools for knowing what to do when fear is overwhelming

Do you have questions about how to manage fear with your little one? Let’s talk, it’s why I’m here. You can email me at ask@nurturednoggins.com or book a call with Ann McKitrick.


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