July 4th Fun!

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Last minute thoughts as you celebrate July 4th…


In our small town there’s quite a to-do about July 4th! The barricades have been set aside for about a week now in preparation for the annual parade that draws tons of folks from the surrounding areas. My husband Kent and I will zip over to watch. It’s hot as heck, lively and everyone vies for a spot under the shade trees. My favorite part of the parade is the kids on their decorated bikes. And watching children scramble for the goodies that people on floats throw their way. Here’s how we decorate our little scooter for the drive up to the park… cool


You’ve probably already made your plans for celebrating Independence Day – but here are a few things to think about, and maybe some answers to questions you have in your head.


Are fireworks safe for my baby?


Well, it depends. Most experts say that it won’t harm your baby in any way to go to a public fireworks display. There is a lot of noise, and some say that it would be prudent to have some ear protection for your baby. Some say that’s not necessary. I think at this point there’s no need to go buy noise cancelling headphones, but if you have them bring them along. As an alternative, if your baby gets really upset by the noise simply put your hands over his ears while you head to a place indoors or the car to wait it out. You can read a little more here.

You might try to find a place to watch that’s near the edges of the crowd so you can slip out easily if your baby gets scared.  Wearing your baby in a snuggly would be a great idea too. That way you easily muffle the loud noises.

And we’re talking about public displays here… the fireworks you buy and use yourself are a different story. If you’re with a large group of people and there are several folks setting off fireworks on their own, head inside. It’s really hard to predict where bottle rockets might go and firecrackers can be unpredictable as well. I know you want to be in on the fun… and you can watch from the windows. Sparklers, snakes, you know, all the gentler fireworks would PROBABLY be okay around your baby but be cautious, okay? There are some nasty stories out there about young children being burned by fireworks at home. surprised

What about swimming – how old does my baby need to be before they can get in the water with me?

Not very old!  They spent 9 months in water so they’re kinda used to it. Of course, pools are typically outside so you’ve got to remember to apply sunscreen that is formulated for infants. But experts agree that introducing your baby to the water, even in the first months, can be lots of fun and beneficial. Here are suggested precautions…

Mind the water temp and chemicals

Babies little regulatory systems haven’t matured, so if they’re in cold water too long their body temperature can dip. If it’s comfortable for you when you first get in, it will be okay for your baby. You might want to stick to indoor or heated pools if you live up north. laughing

Also, if the chemical levels of the water are high, keep baby out. Babies skin, eyes and lungs are more sensitive than ours and can be easily irritated.

Use a swimmie diaper

In the water, babies will do what comes naturally – they’ll poop and pee. So be sure you’ve got that covered. Literally. wink

Just one more thing, watch the alcohol.

Okay, so this is Mimi speaking… there are lots of reasons to avoid drinking around your baby. And at holiday events, it’s tricky I know. You want to join in the celebrations too. 

So be responsible and stick to soft drinks, make sure that your little one doesn’t grab someone’s cup and take a sip, doesn’t get ignored, and when you’re driving home, be a very defensive driver. In fact, if you can avoid the roads altogether, please do. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that July 4th weekend leads all the other holidays in traffic fatalities. cry


So that’s just a couple of simple reminders for your holiday. We’ve touched on the biggies – fire, water and firewater.

I hope that you have a WONDERFUL time with friends and family – full of life, laughter and peace.

And never forget, you and your baby are exactly what the other needs.

YOU are the one they love, YOU are the one they crave and YOU can ask for help with that baby! 

Email me anytime at ann@nurturednoggins.com 

I’d love to visit with you! smile


Until next time,

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