The things you can only enjoy when you’re pregnant…

by | May 15, 2019 | New parent, Newborns, Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing time.

While there are definitely some discomforts along the way, let’s celebrate some really wonderful things that you can ONLY experience during pregnancy…


  1. Permission to focus on yourself. Face it, the moment you think you could be pregnant you pay attention to every little nuance of your body, with a hypersensitivity that is practically tangible. Drink it in!  Enjoy the newness, love your body, embrace the changes as you accept new life into your sacred inner space. You will be forever connected. If these feelings aren’t all warm and fuzzy, that’s okay. Embrace all your emotions with the same love and care. You’ll work through this and come out a new person.
  2. You have freedom to indulge your cravings. It’s really important to listen to your body when it comes to cravings. You may be craving a food that is high in the nutrient that you really need at the time. Check in with your doctor if cravings feel strange or overwhelming though.
  3. You can take lots and lots of naps. Your body is working overtime to grow this little one, throughout the whole pregnancy but especially in the first trimester. Rest when you need to and as often as you can. I remember being so relieved when I was told, “in the first trimester your body is working as hard as if you were backpacking uphill all day.” No wonder I felt like I was going to crumble!
  4. You get to hear the swish of your baby’s heartbeat at doctor visits. Truly one of the most amazing sounds in the world, especially the first time you hear it!
  5. A new wardrobe. Maternity clothes. You gotta have them, and they’re so cute! Borrowing and exchanging with others lends to the excitement and cuts down on costs too. When I was pregnant, I had a group of friends who traded clothes regularly as our families grew in size, filling in the gaps of our maternity wardrobe. Of course, picking out your own new outfits is the best!
  6. You feel the baby move. You anticipate it for weeks and when it happens, it cements the deal. That baby is real and you are going to be mom. Whoa Nelly.
  7. Pedicures are a necessity. Really now, you can’t reach your toes and they need attention! Take time to pamper yourself  even if that’s not your normal tendency. There’s nothing like a foot massage, especially in those last few months when you’re feeling rather front heavy and lopsided.
  8. You have an excuse for forgetting things. Pregnancy brain, it’s real. Forgot why you walked into that room? That’s okay – you’re pregnant! Staring off into space, daydreaming during conversations? Excused – you’re pregnant! You’re distracted, forgetful and maybe a little tiny bit emotional. Hug yourself every time you find yourself inwardly shaking your head at another misfire or crying over diaper commercials. No worries, it’s not forever. You’ll be back to yourself again soon.
  9. Your natural beauty shines.  Increased hormones and prenatal vitamins produce thick, silky hair, strong fingernails, glowing skin, and a curvy new shape. Pregnant women are absolutely beautiful. You are absolutely beautiful.
  10. Excitement and anticipation. The unknowns are huge but the positive vibes from most every person you meet will lift you along the way.  Embrace the smiles from strangers, be gracious with most questions, ignore negative comments, let people give you their seat, go to the front of the line at public restrooms when you need to and let others do for you. You and your baby deserve it! And you’ll be able to pass it forward to others later.

You probably have your own ideas to add to this list…

What do YOU enjoy about being pregnant?

Tell us below in the comments!

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