3 Must-Have Conversations

For Pregnant Couples
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3 coffee dates

3 topics to talk about

3 ways to connect deeply

Let’s face it. Pregnancy is full of unknowns. In addition to your body literally taking on a life of its own, you’re facing delivery during a pandemic, parenthood when there are more questions than answers and you’re likely on your own, without the support of extended family.

In this video series, you’ll get tools for talking about what’s on your mind – your excitement, uncertainties, questions and fears as you near delivery day. You’re in this together. And the best way to be ready is to join forces and face the unknowns together as a strong team.

Video #1: have a Post-It Party

Let’s have a post-it party! I’ll help you identify pain points that might arise after baby arrives.

Video #2: Conversation ideas

 I’ll provide suggestions on things to discuss with your partner, and how to organize these conversations.

Video #3: tips for success

I’ll share 3 strategies for having open honest conversations with each other and finding common ground.


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It’s time to dive in! In the next video, we’ll discuss a whole list of topic ideas, questions you may want to ask each other and how you can sort your conversations into 3 must-cover categories.


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