Language Development with Babies and Toddlers

by | May 22, 2020 | Child development, Infant, Parenting, toddler

Watch and listen to Ann McKitrick talk about the language development process for toddlers and babies

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Language and Speech Development for Toddlers and Babies

You know, today’s children are the very first to grow up in a home where the parents have a device that they can talk to, get information from, play music, etc. This offers a unique opportunity for us to model for our children who are learning how to speak, how to use the correct words, and also how to use polite words like please and thank you.

Children are watching and listening to everything that we do. They are going to speak the way that you speak. We want to speak politely to our devices as well as to other people so that they in turn will do the same. It’s another thing to keep in mind as you live your life around young children or are raising your own, because they are learning from everything that you do.

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I'm a child development specialist, parent coach and teacher trainer. I've cared for countless babies in child development programs, plus 3 kids, 3 grand babies and 5 foster babies! I LOVE babies and would come hold yours if I could. ❤️

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