How to Make Homemade Teethers for Your Baby

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Infant, Parenting

Watch and listen to Ann McKitrick talk about how to make homemade teethers for your baby using banana bread.

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Banana Bread Baby Teethers

I want to show you guys a way that you can make teethers for your babies who are getting their teeth in and are wanting to chew on something hard or cold to kind of numb and make it feel better on their gums as their teeth are coming in.

I used to make banana bread sticks when my kids were little. It’s just strips of banana bread that are very hard. They could just chew on these and it would just create a gooey mess, but it also was something that they didn’t choke on. It was something that tasted good and felt good on their gums. Since I made it, I knew what was in it and I could just make it anytime and have a supply.

How to Make It

Here’s how to do it: you just make a loaf of banana bread. This time I used a small mini loaf and just slice it up into the size that you want for your baby. Place them on a pan like this and put them in a very low oven, around 200 degrees, for a good long time, and just check them every now and again. When I made them, I put them in for about 30 minutes on one side, I flipped them, 30 minutes for the other side, and then they needed a little bit longer to get good and hard. I think probably they were in a total of about an hour and a half. I just turned the oven off and let them sit in the hot oven to get really good and hard.

You can put these these banana sticks in the freezer and then just pull one out as you need it. The cold will feel good and have a numbing effect on the gums. This is a good size for a baby’s little fist. They can hold onto it. This can be a choking hazard so you wouldn’t want to just give this to a child and then walk away. You always want to stay with them and make sure that they don’t break this off, but it’s going to take a lot of chewing to get it to the point where it’s breaking off. This is a fun activity that you can do while you’re at home. I hope that you’re getting lots of good baking and cooking time in during this time and doing something that your baby can enjoy.

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