#90 5 Healthy Mindsets for Moms with Brianna Wilkerson

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Mompreneur, New parent, Podcast

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

Which distinct self-care methods have proven to be effective in cultivating a positive mindset, specifically within the realm of motherhood, and what advice is provided for integrating these practices into one’s daily routine?

It becomes clear that cultivating a positive mindset and giving priority to self-care are vital elements in navigating the intricate dynamics of both motherhood and life in general. The insights provided have enabled listeners to grasp the significance of incorporating tailored self-care practices into their daily routines. By recognizing the value of nurturing one’s well-being, individuals can aim to foster resilience, inner strength, and a more optimistic perspective, not just for themselves but also for those in their surroundings.

In this episode, we discuss the uplifting story of Brianna Wilkerson, a Holistic Health and Life Coach and her journey as a mother, focusing on her strategies for maintaining a positive mindset amidst the challenges of motherhood. Brianna shares her insights on the significance of self-care and explores various personal requirements individuals often have for themselves. We also uncover practical tips and actionable points for integrating positivity into everyday life and conclude with a heartfelt message of encouragement for all listeners.

Topics Discussed:
  • Brianna Wilkerson’s story
  • The essence of self-care
  • Unconventional requirements
  • Practical tips and actionable points
  • Words of encouragement
About the Guest:

Brianna Wilkerson, a Holistic Health and Life Coach, also serves as a Brand Partner with Savvi, in addition to hosting a podcast. As a wife and mother, she is fond of matcha tea and partakes in at-home CrossFit workouts. Her mission revolves around assisting determined mothers in prioritizing self-care and achieving the desired body confidence, overall health, and lifestyle. Furthermore, she is deeply passionate about guiding mothers in generating income from the comfort of their homes and supporting their growth into the leaders they are destined to become.

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