Stages of Play - what to expect from your child when they’re with other kids

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#77: Stages of Play – What to Expect from Your Child

When They’re with Other Kids

with Gabrielle Holt


How can parents help their child transition from playing primarily with them to playing with other children or independently?

As parents, understanding the stages of play and the importance of social interactions in early childhood development can greatly influence how we approach our children’s playtime. Encouraging them to play with others, fostering independent play, and engaging with other families can provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for their growth.

So in this week’s episode, my guest Gabrielle Holt discusses the fascinating world of child development and explores the topic of play in early childhood. We’ll answer essential questions about when babies start playing with each other, the various developmental stages of play, how parents can encourage their children to learn to play, and the advantages of socializing with other families.

We hope you find this episode insightful!

Topics Discussed:
  • When do babies begin playing with each other?
  • The developmental stages of play.
  • Helping children “learn to play.”
  • Transitioning from parent-centric to peer play.
  • Fostering independent play.
  • Advantages of getting together with other families.
    About our guest:

    Gabrielle Holt, a Montessori teacher educator with 8 years of experience, serves as the Birth-3 Program Coordinator at Country Day Montessori School in Houston, Texas. Additionally, she is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood Disorders and actively participating in a research project focusing on supporting positive parenting for infants, toddlers, and their families.

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    The 6 Stages of Play


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