My Experience Breastfeeding vs Pumping Exclusively

 Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#67: Mom Story: My Experience Breastfeeding vs Pumping Exclusively

with Emily Nguyen


Breast only, breast pumping and bottle feeding… these are options and decisions that new parents are faced with from day one. Feeding provides an opportunity to learn what works best for your baby and you. Keeping an open mind, using resources like lactation consultants, and being happy that your baby is getting fed (regardless of how) can help alleviate the stress and mental fatigue. 

In this episode, Emily Nguyen, a mother of two, graciously shared her personal journey and the contrasting experiences she had with her two babies regarding breast pumping and bottle feeding and how their sleeping schedules were affected.

Learn from Emily’s experience and discover how to overcome breastfeeding challenges. 

Topics discussed:
  • Emily’s experience with her two babies
  • The difference between her babies with sleep schedules, feeding schedules, and temperament
  • What it’s like being a working mom
  • Advice for pregnant mamas out there who are thinking about how to feed their baby
About the Guest:

Emily Nguyen is a pediatric nurse who works full time and is the mom of 2-year-old Charlotte and 7-week-old Ella.


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