Teaching Diversity with Books

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#64: Teaching Diversity with Books

with Tracey Baptiste


A great children’s book should have a well-crafted story, engaging language, and entertaining illustrations. This combination can stimulate your child’s cognitive development, support early reading skills, and foster a stronger connection between you and your child during shared reading time.

In this episode, Tracey Baptiste, a New York Times bestselling author, shares about her new book, Mermaid and Pirate. She wrote this book because she was inspired by her love for the ocean, fantasy, and storytelling. One of the deeper concepts that she included in her story is the power of connecting with someone from a different place and still finding friendship. She wants her readers to enjoy her books on multiple levels with a new experience each time they read. 

These books have the power to transport children to far-off lands, spark creativity, and stimulate cognitive learning. One of the best things about children’s books is the way they can create precious moments and memories.

Topics discussed:

  • About her book Mermaid and Pirate and why Tracey wrote it
  • Some of the main concepts she wanted to include in her story
  • Tracey’s thoughts behind the opening part of the story
  • What makes a good book for children
  • Where can people find her book

About the Guest:

Tracey Baptiste is a New York Times bestselling author of seventeen books and several short stories for children. She is best known for The Jumbies series, which have been Junior Library Guild selections, We Need Diverse Books “Must Read” titles, New York Public Libraries Staff Picks, and Best Books of the Year by Bank Street Books and NPR. Her novel Minecraft: The Crash debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list in 2018. 

During Memorial Day Weekend – Disney’s LIVE action remake of THE LITTLE MERMAID premieres in theaters! It stars Halle Bailey – the first and so far ONLY black Ariel.  Leading up to this momentous big screen affair is national dialogue about – yes – mermaids! And one of the go-to voices about these aquatic creatures is New York Times Bestselling Author TRACEY BAPTISTE, who wrote an influential op-ed for the Times entitled: “Mermaids Have Always Been Black.” 

Baptiste has appeared on programs about the role of Black mermaids in world literature, including appearances on “MSNBC’s 11th Hour” and “MSNBC’s Symone.” 

Tracey Baptiste

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Mermaid and Pirate Hardback Book


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