#27: The 6 Stages of Parenting

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Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

the 6 stages of parenting podcast

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#27: The 6 Stages of Parenting


with Ann McKitrick




Just as our children are going through phases of development throughout their lives, we too are going through stages of parenting as our kid get older. But did you know there are six standard stages of parenting that every mom and dad experience? Each stage brings its own set of lessons and struggles. We, as parents, grow and morph alongside our children.


In this episode, I share the six stages of parenting, along with some personal stories from my time as a mom that exemplify what it’s like to live through each stage. At the end of the episode I mentioned that I do parent coaching – if you’d be interested in learning more about that, click here

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Here’s a glance at this episode…


  • [02:34] The Image Making stage (before children)
  • [06:02] The Nurturing stage (infant years)
  • [08:05] The Authority stage (toddler years)
  • [12:35] The Interpretive stage (Kindergarten to pre-teen years)
  • [16:36] The Inter-Dependent stage (adolescent years)
  • [20:53] The Departure stage (when your child leaves the house)

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One last thing. I spend time each morning in meditation and would love to pray for you, your child or whatever’s on your heart. Simply email me and let me know how to pray. It can be as simple just your name or you can give a short explanation. Either way you can trust that I will do it. It’s a simple, quiet way for us to connect and for me to support you on your parenting journey. 🧡




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