tips for potty training podcast episode

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

#13: Tips for Potty Training with Positivity

with Camilla McGill


How do you know when your child is ready to use the potty? How do you teach them to do it? Should you give them rewards or candy when they’re successful? What’s the best way to respond when they have an accident?

So many questions surround the simple task of learning to go to the bathroom– the skill that every child has to learn. And every parent scratches their head about it because there are so many mixed messages out there.

Camilla McGill podcast guest

In this episode, I talk to parenting coach Camilla McGill about her tips for potty training that are gentle, nurturing, developmental, and positive – all the things I love! Plus she’s got a brand new book out that gives you step-by-step instructions and insight for your child.

Camilla is a mom of four adult children and has been a parent educator for over 20 years. She founded My Parenting Solutions which provides online courses, along with group and 1:1 coaching sessions for parents.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [02:48] When should you start thinking about potty training your child?
  • [05:04] One potty use doesn’t mean it’s time
  • [07:00] What to say during diaper changes to build positivity
  • [08:25] If your child shows no curiosity whatsoever
  • [11:20] Experiencing resistance from your child
  • [13:06] Talking to your child about how their body works
  • [16:15] Should you use external rewards for using the potty?
  • [17:59] How language (or lack thereof) affects potty training
  • [20:22] Making potty training fun
  • [22:55] The biggest mistake parents make as they start potty training

Listen now!

potty training guide camilla mcgill

Click here to grab a free copy of Camilla’s potty training guide! She also has a free guide to getting your child to listen without shouting or nagging. Check that out here.

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