#100 Recognizing Your Child’s Gifts & Passions with Andrea Ventim

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Featured, Parenting, Podcast

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

When do a child’s gifts and passions begin to emerge? Year 2? Year 5? Year 10??  In this conversation with Andrea Ventim, we navigate the intricate dance between parenting styles and personal development. We talk about how one’s approach to parenting can be profoundly influenced by your own personal growth and self-care. As Andrea walks us through her journey, we’ll explore the delicate balance of maintaining individual passions while nurturing the growth of our children.

In this episode, we unravel the art of recognizing and nurturing our children’s unique gifts, allowing their passions to blossom authentically. From unexpected interests to the importance of mutual respect, Andrea shares her experiences and wisdom on fostering a supportive environment for our little ones.

So, whether you’re a parent seeking guidance on recognizing your child’s gifts or someone intrigued by the intersection of parenting styles and personal development, this episode promises valuable insights and heartfelt discussions.

Topics Discussed:

  • Discussion on Recognizing Children’s Gifts
  • Parenting Style and Personal Development
  • Andrea’s Husband’s Role in Self-Care
  • Words of Encouragement

About our guest:

Andrea Ventim, based on the North shore of Oahu, introduces herself as a devoted mother who holds a deep appreciation for boundaries and encourages the preservation of one’s values. With a background in producing both live and virtual events, she relishes the creative process of curating customized playlists to enhance audience engagement and set the desired mood for each occasion.

In her extensive journey through personal development, Andrea has not only invested in her own growth but has also actively collaborated with top-tier mentors. Her coaching endeavors aim to empower clients, guiding them towards achieving their goals, contributing meaningfully to their communities, and breaking free from persistent obstacles that hindered their progress over the years. Andrea Ventim embodies a multifaceted approach, balancing motherhood, event production, and personal development to foster a life of equilibrium and greatness.

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