learn How to create a feeling of Hygge with Your Baby

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

#6: How to Hygge with Your Baby

with Maria Dior


Denmark has repeatedly been voted as having the happiest people in the world. It may be due to this thing called hygge (pronounced hoo-guh), which is a Danish term that means to cozy around together. This hygge lifestyle creates a feeling of connectedness to others, which gives meaning and purpose to life and time with our family. Parents around the world are beginning to embrace this idea, but often wonder how to hygge with their own children and family.

pregnancy health coach maria dior

In this episode, I talk to Maria Dior. Maria is a mother to three and an entrepreneur living in Aarhus Denmark. She specializes in health and nutrition for moms and pregnant women and offers online boot camps and courses that teach women how to stay strong and happy throughout pregnancy and postpartum. You can check her out in Birth School, my online course for expectant moms, where she helped create the module on fitness. We talk about her experiences with hygge both growing up, and as a parent now, the role that food plays in the hygge lifestyle, and tips for incorporating hygge into your daily life.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:10] Is Denmark the happiest place in the world?
  • [01:41] Hygge and what it means
  • [02:21] Introducing Maria Dior
  • [03:42] Maria’s memories of hygge as a child
  • [05:52] The role food plays in hygge
  • [14:09] How do you incorporate hygge into daily life?
  • [18:56] Creating hygge for yourself as a parent
  • [24:59] Suggestions for hygge

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