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Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

#4: Phones and Screen Time for Babies

with Ann McKitrick


Screen time for babies is a tricky topic. Babies and toddlers know, just as we do, that there are so many fun things to do with a phone!

Maybe you’re trying to work, or get some chores done, or take a little break, and your child keeps reaching for your phone. It’s exhausting saying no. When you finally cave and turn on a video, they’re instantly occupied. It’s a relief, but in the back of your head, you know all the advice from professionals says to limit screen time – especially under the age of 2.

So how can we live in the tension of the recommendations and what’s realistic for our actual lives? What’s okay and what’s not okay about babies and toddlers when it comes to phones and tablets? How can you figure out what’s best for your unique baby? 

In this episode, we cover 5 common assumptions that parents make about screen time for babies and toddlers. If you’re struggling with what to do, this one is a must-listen!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:21] Official screen time recommendations
  • [02:43] A story about Jackson and his problems in preschool
  • [04:25] What 97% of all American children between the ages of 2-17 do
  • [05:24] Assumption 1: As long as it’s educational, it’s okay
  • [07:20] Assumption 2: Children aren’t affected by background TV
  • [09:13] Assumption 3: All media under 2 is damaging
  • [11:00] Assumption 4: Scary movies and shows go over kids’ heads
  • [12:00] Assumption 5: eBooks are distracting to young children
  • [13:38] A good use for screen time
  • [14:20] Some ideas for phone substitutions

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How the iPad Affects Young Children and What We Can Do About It

TEDx Talk by Lisa Guernsey

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