How to Add Courses (and other non-Amazon items) to Your Amazon Baby Registry
and the Best Universal Baby Registry 

Update 6/2023: The Amazon Assistant extension was discontinued, and Amazon no longer allows items to be added to their lists or registries from other websites. Please read on for alternative universal registry options.

Baby registries have come a long way since the days of having to print out a giant list at Babies R Us. A lot of that is thanks in part to online shopping, which has revolutionized the way we request and give gifts. While stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart have an impressive catalog of items for baby and new parents, there may be some things you want to add that they don’t offer. Or perhaps you’d simply like to find the lowest price for an item (believe it or not, it’s not always Amazon!), or give your registry shoppers options for where to buy the same thing. Read on for our suggestions on the best universal registries.

Screenshot of the Moonsift Chrome Extension

The Best for Desktop Chrome Users: Moonsift

If you’re looking for that easy-to-use Chrome extension, look no further than Moonsift. While Amazon may win the award for their massive selection, Moonsift wins over users with their clean Pinterest-like aesthetic.

What else you’ll love: They’re one of the only platforms that sends you notifications when prices drop.

Screenshot of the Babylist Registry extension

The Best for Name Recognition: Babylist

Anyone that’s had a baby or is friends with someone that had a baby has probably heard of Babylist. It’s a name that people have come to know and trust, and unlike Amazon, it’s got a whole slew of helpful articles and features.

What else you’ll lovet: Their extensive checklists, guides, and sample registries, plus their 5-star iPhone app.

Screenshot of Giftful universal registry

The Best for People who Love Surprises: Giftful

If you’re one of those people who really truly wants to be surprised at your Baby Shower, then Giftful is perfect for you. Giftful allows people to claim items on your wishlist without you knowing. 

What else you’ll love: Their 5-star iPhone app and their Safari-friendly browser extension.

How to Add Birth School or the Quick Start Guide for Newborns Courses to Your Universal Baby Registry

Screenshot of the Moonsift Chrome Extension

Step 1: Sign Up for a Universal Baby Registry

We gave some options above, and registration is free for all of them. For this example, we used Moonsift. Make sure you grab the browser extension and pin it to your browser.

Screenshot of the Moonsift Chrome Extension

Step 2: Create a Board / Collection / Registry

Whatever your universal registry calls it, this is the place where you’ll be placing all of the items for your Baby Registry. For Moonsift, we created a Private registry and selected “make it a gift list.”

Screenshot of the Moonsift Chrome Extension

Step 3: Add the Course to Your Registry

Both Birth School and the Quick Start Guide for Newborns make excellent gifts for parents-to-be! Simply navigate to the webpage linked here, or click through to the checkout page (shown here in the image), and click your browser extension to add it to your universal baby registry.

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