How to Add Courses (and other non-Amazon items) to Your Amazon Baby Registry

Baby registries have come a long way since the days of having to print out a giant list at Babies R Us. A lot of that is thanks in part to Amazon, which has revolutionized the way we request and give gifts. While Amazon has an impressive catalog of items for baby and new parents, there may be some things you want to add that they don’t offer. I’ll show you here how to add non-Amazon items to your Amazon baby registry.

These step-by-step instructions show you how to install the Amazon Assistant, which will allow you to add courses and other non-Amazon items to your baby registry with just one click. If you already have the Amazon Assistant installed, scroll down to step 6 to see how you can use it to add Birth School or the Quick Start Guide for Newborns course to your registry.

how to add baby course to your amazon registry

Step 1

Google Amazon Assistant, or click here to head straight to the page.

add non-amazon item to amazon registry

Step 2

Amazon will automatically detect your internet browser and display a button to install the Amazon Assistant extension. The example here is for Google Chrome.

add baby items to amazon registry from other sites

Step 3

You may be redirected to another page, where you can follow the instructions to download and install the browser extension.

how to install amazon assistant extension

Step 4

Follow the installation instructions and allow permissions for the Amazon Assistant extension.

how to use amazon assistant to add items to baby registry

Step 5

Once the extension has been installed, you may see it in the top of your browser. If you don’t, simply click the extensions button (in Chrome, this looks like a little gray puzzle piece) and click the thumbtack to pin the extension to your browser.

add non amazon items to baby registry

Step 6

Visit the Birth School gift option checkout page or the Quick Start Guide for Newborn gift option checkout page and click the Amazon Assistant extension button. If this is the first time using this extension, it may walk you through a few instructional slides.

(When adding other items in the future, simply navigate to the page where the price is listed before clicking the extension button.)


add online birth class to amazon baby registry using amazon assistant

Step 7

Click the “Add to List” button underneath the + symbol.

how to add anything to your amazon baby registry

Step 8

Rename the course or product so visitors to your registry know what it is. You can add comments as well if you’d like to explain why you need something. Once you’re ready, click “Add to Baby Registry” at the bottom.

add items to baby registry using amazon assistant

Step 9

Once it’s been added, you can click “view list” in the pop-up, which will take you to your registry homepage. From there, you can view your entire baby registry.