#51: The Benefits of Play with Dr. Stephanie Goloway

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Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

benefits of play

   Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#51: The Benefits of Play with Dr. Stephanie Goloway


What are the benefits of play, besides entertaining your child? Our guest today says there’s lots more going on when you simply play and interact with your child in normal, everyday life. That when you play, you’re actually building skills they’ll need to manage frustration and adversity in the years to come.
Recent research offers a road map to the neuroscience of resilience. Surprisingly, developing a way of dealing with life’s stressors is NOT rocket science. Instead, we’ve learned that it’s the most ordinary of interactions that helps each child develop this potent life skill. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Goloway explains how resilience, an amazing benefit of play, develops as you play with your infant and toddler.

About our guest:

Dr. Stephanie Goloway is a lifelong educator and advocate for play, storytelling, and the imagination. She has taught preschool, elementary school, special education, and college, as well as been a children’s librarian and professional storyteller. Her fascination with the thinking/learning process and the way it is supported by make believe, Story, and creative exploration is the thread that weaves together her diverse experiences.

She holds a doctorate in Early Childhood from Walden University where her dissertation focused on the protective factors of resilience for children living with trauma and family substance use disorders, and how fairytales and storytelling aligned with these protective factors. 

She is a Professor Emeritus of Education at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh and author of Happily Ever Resilient: Using Fairytales to Nurture Children Through Adversity (Redleaf Press, 2022). Most proudly, she is the mother of two amazing adult children, who continue to make her laugh and think, and  who give the best hugs!

Learn more:

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Happily Ever Resilient: Using Fairy Tales to Nurture Children through Adversity

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Dr. Goloway’s website

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