Holiday plans with children

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast


#37: Making Holiday Plans that Work for Your Child

with Prerna Richards

It’s time to make holiday plans, which will likely include get-togethers and parties with lots of people. What do you do when your child screams, clings to you and won’t be friendly with grandparents, relatives and friends you haven’t seen for a while? In this episode, Prerna Richards tells you why this happens, what’s going on developmentally and how you can help your child feel comfortable because your child can feel safe and secure even in new situations. 

Prerna is an international speaker, behavior coach and NAEYC consultant. She’s been in the early childhood education field for 37 years. She is a master level trainer with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System. Her educational philosophy is grounded in a play-based approach along with a strong social-emotional foundation plus she’s the winner of Susan Hargrave trainer of the year award from TXAEYC in 2020.

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Prerna Richards

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [03:04] Focus on experiences that create joyful memories
  • [04:16] Ideas for holiday traditions to create for your family
  • [06:30] Stranger anxiety: how to help your baby through it
  • [09:20] How to respond when distant relatives grab or touch your baby
  • [15:26] Difference between stranger anxiety and stranger anxiety disorder
  • [20:22] Why you should acknowledge and name feelings and their cause, even with very young infants
  • [26:00] One last word for grandparents

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