For expectant parents who want to go from “excited but kinda freaked” to “totally confident we can do this” 


Because there’s more to preparing for birth than just packing your suitcase. 


You’ve done everything right so far.


You've made changes in your daily life


You've stocked up on diapers, wipes, and all those cute little newborn outfits


You've prepared the baby's nursery and purchased the essentials


But you haven't taken a birth or parenting class (thanks, Covid)

baby feeding chair mom standing over crib



A self-paced virtual birth class

By the end of this course, you will…

  • Have a plan for labor

  • Know how to prepare your body for a strong delivery and postpartum recovery

  • Be prepared to breastfeed your baby (or not)

  • Learn to make healthy comfort food to nourish your body and feed your soul

  • Understand how to process the emotions around this major life transition

Birth School didn’t stress me out like a lot of courses do. Ann’s voice is so sweet and gentle and made me feel like ‘I can do this!’ I found it soothing, and a great way to prepare. I know it’s going to be a little chaotic, but it’s going to be okay.

Saphora K.

Pregnant Mom-to-Be


Pregnant Women Who Are Moderately Afraid of Childbirth


Pregnant Women Who Are Severely Afraid of Childbirth


Pregnant Women Who Don't Feel Comfortable Talking to Their Birth Team

Women who are afraid of childbirth spend on average an additional 90 minutes in labor and are 4% more likely to need an emergency cesarean section.

Birth School will help ease those fears so you can approach childbirth with confidence and strength.

You want to be prepared for labor, breastfeeding, and taking care of yourself as well as your new baby.

You're in the right place.

If we haven’t already met at a coffee shop or at the park where I exercise most afternoons… Hey there! I’m Ann. 

I’m a bit of a child development nerd. 🤓  It filters my take on things. Like when a politician shows their true colors, I think to myself, “what in the world happened in your childhood to make you behave like this now?” or when I hold a newborn and their eyes follow a mobile, I think “oh look, she’s tracking, that’s good!”  

And I love watching parents with their newborn. It’s such a beautiful thing. By applying what I’ve studied about human and child development, I help new parents understand both themselves and their child because there’s a lot going on in the first weeks for all of you.

Even though I had tons of experience with other people’s babies, when I was an expectant mom I NEEDED help. I wanted someone to tell me what I needed to know about labor, what breastfeeding would be like, how to get my pre-pregnancy body back and how to manage the day-to-day things like meals, laundry and setting up the house for a newborn.

I created this course for you, to prepare you for the unknowns and uncertainties that we all feel. It’ll answer many of your questions and fuel your curiosity on what you want to learn next. Birth School gives you the tools to navigate the first days of parenthood. Just the right mix of medical, personal and practical, Birth School is comprehensive without overwhelm.

You’ll be connected to a community of parents-to-be who are experiencing birth in a pandemic just like you. The course tells you what you need to know initially, then as you participate in the FB community, we’ll dive a little deeper and answer your questions as they come up. 

And I’ll want to see some pics of that bump and then your baby, of course. 🥰

ann mckitrick



including downloadable videos, audio files, and PDF resources 


to help you and your partner enter parenthood on the same page


full of delicious comfort foods that nourish your body and soul


that you’re going to get through your birth experience with joy and strength



to connect with other expecting parents and ask all your burning questions



full of reflection prompts and exercises to help you prepare for birth


3 easy ways to pay:


4 monthly payments of



One-time payment of



Includes 2 additional courses + 3 one-on-one consultations with Ann


Scroll down for details.

Sometimes with pregnancy, there’s an overload of information and I just need someone to tell me what to do. I really like the module on preparing your body. I like that it’s a handful of specific exercises that I can do for 10 minutes and call it a day.

Saphora K.

Pregnant Mom-to-Be



Module 1 - Preparing for birth

The first module is all about getting ready to have that baby. You’ll learn how to prepare by planning, packing, learning, and reflecting on the big changes coming. Heather Barrett answers your questions about labor and delivery and you’ll get great insight from birth doula, Parrish DuPree.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Module 1:

  • Preparing for your time at the hospital
  • What’s a doula?
  • What’s a midwife?
  • Common questions about labor
  • Mindset: Getting ready for the unknown
  • Plus these helpful tools: Top 6 Things to Include in Your Birth Plan, Birth Plan templates, What to Bring to the Hospital, Journaling and Positive Affirmations
module 2 - preparing your body

This one’s all about getting your body prepared for the birth process with 5 simple exercises you can do at home. They just take a few minutes each day and will make a world of difference. Pregnancy fitness expert, Maria Dior, explains what you can do to have a strong delivery and demonstrates each exercise. All you need is a little space and a yoga mat for these non-strenuous moves.

Here’s what you’ll find in Module 2:

  • Why you need to get in shape for labor
  • 5 video demonstrations from a pregnancy fitness expert detailing how to safely exercise in a way that supports your abdomen and pelvic floor
Module 3 - preparing to breastfeed (or not)

In this module, Lactation Consultant Erica Campbell explains what you need to know about feeding your baby… whether you breast or bottle-feed. It’s a process for both of you – your baby learns to suck and swallow, you learn to get a good latch, pump, or make formula. This will help you through the learning process.

Here’s what you’ll find in Module 3:

  • What does a lactation consultant do?
  • Getting ready to breastfeed
  • How do you know if you have enough milk?
  • What’s a tongue-tie?
  • Bottle feeding and milk suppression
  • What’s up with pumping?
  • Plus Tips for Breastfeeding and Pumping
module 4 - preparing your heart + home

This one’s all about getting ready to actually do life as a new parent. There are so many changes that happen the minute you walk through the door with your newborn. All of the sudden it’s real and life is different (and pretty wonderful!). These lessons will help you get ready.

Here’s what you’ll find in Module 4:

    • Important things to talk through before baby comes
    • Nesting
    • Cooking School: Freezer meals
    • Cooking School: How to create a salad you actually want to eat
    • What happens exactly when you “become a parent”
    • Plus these tools to put what you learn into action: Conversation Starter Cards, Recipes You’ll Love, Becoming a Parent Journal Prompts
Premium Package

If you want a deep dive into what’s happening in your baby’s first weeks, how to select child care, and what to expect in the first weeks of parenthood, this personalized package is for you. Birth School plus two informative courses all about newborns PLUS one-on-one calls with Ann.

Here’s what you’ll get with the premium Package:

  • Birth School
  • Three 45-minute Calls with Ann (through Zoom). The calls will be tailored to your needs. Here are some of the topics it could include:
    • Attachment ~ learn what to do to connect with your newborn
    • What to look for when selecting child care
    • How to take care of a newborn
    • How to manage the first days of parenthood
  • Quick Start Guide for Newborns course
  • Understanding Shaken Baby, SIDS, and Early Brain Development course (you’ll receive 2 coupons to give to others who’ll be taking care of your baby)

Click here if you’d like to schedule a call with Ann to ask specific questions and see if this is a good fit for you!

Why work with Ann?

Because I’ve spent 30+ years studying child development – as an infant teacher and program administrator, college professor, early childhood educator and parent consultant. I absolutely love helping you understand yourself as a parent and your baby. My superpower is helping you understand ways to nurture and respond lovingly to your child.

Some of my credentials…

  • Masters degree in Human Development & Family Studies, Bachelors in Education
  • Master Level Teacher Trainer
  • Certified Parent Consultant
  • Certified Trainer for the Center for Improving the Readiness of Children for Learning and Education
  • Texas Child Care Health Consultant
  • Past President, Gulf Coast Chapter Texas Association for the Education of Young Children

I’m especially interested in working with parents-to-be. If you feel like you have no clue what to do,  and want a personal, one-to-one introduction to parenting, this is for you!

Do you have questions? Click here to email me or here to schedule an inquiry call.

The premium package has limited availability, so reserve YOUR SPOT now.



Ann was an instrumental part of my development as a parent.

And my children would not be the same today without her help. Not everything required of a parent came naturally to me, and Ann was there to provide perspective on how my actions and reactions, or lack thereof, shaped my children’s development and behavior.
– Jarrod B.

Insightful. Attentive. Perceptive. Good listener. Calm. Gentle.

Plus practical advice. These are words that describe our experience working with Ann as a parenting coach. Everyone in our family benefited from our time together. Years later, we still practice some of the things she opened our eyes to about our child. It was 110% worth it!
– Joan M.

Ann has been an incredible influence on my mothering.

She encouraged me and helped me see little ways I could connect with my children right where they were and to slow down to enjoy it. Years have gone by and I am still drawing from the well of knowledge she helped dig in my life. I never discount a child. Ann taught me to recognize the joy in knowing people of all ages for who they are not what they could or should be. 
– Jennifer A.

I needed help understanding my own child

It’s natural to think that I, as her father, am best situated to see everything about my daughter, but that is not true. Ann helped us gain a perspective that can only come from being outside of the system. Working with Ann made a difference in our interactions and so our relationship.
– Kevin M.

Ann is so helpful.

Her knowledge and resources have been a huge help in learning to help my baby who has some signficant delays due to long term hospitalization in his first year. Ann has helped me know what to look for in age appropriate ways to connect and play with my little one.
– Jody H.


I am certain that Birth School will help you! Learning everything you can to prepare for the unexpected is the right move, and one that will build confidence and ease your mind as you head into the birth of your child.

If you complete at least 50% of the lessons (completion of Modules 1 & 2) and are not satisfied, simply email me and let me know. I’ll be happy to refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

– ANN                    

Ann McKitrick